Be Lekker

4 October 2015

Day 4

Those first few weeks of diagnosis are the hardest. Nothing made me feel more empty, lonely, or isolated. Suddenly there was this void alienating me from others like the plot of a Hollywood Zombie movie – The Ill/Infected vs The Well/Vulnerable. Guess what…

Cancer is NOT infectious or contagious.
People who have it cannot pass it on to you!

The loneliness is worse than being on death row I tell you! As a human (albeit an ill one) we have the basic need of being social, of being part of a network of people. We need to interact with other people to make us feel appreciated, loved and needed – much like a helpless baby/puppy. Until you tell people you are sick…

Being the crazy lunatic that I am, I basically just called my closest family and friends and told them: “Hey, I found a lump in my breast and its cancer…” And BAM just like that all my friendships / relationships came into perspective.

There were the ones who came and consoled my husband as if I was dead already… There were ones who couldn’t even look at me for fear I infect them…. There were ones who asked me to check if they had breast cancer… And ofcourse there were ones who absconded…. Dissolved…Poof! Magically Gone!

But the ones who saw me through and visited and stayed and cried and cared – THEY are the ones I am really grateful for and I will always be THERE for them. THANK YOU!!!

So Dear Well People – Visit the sick!
Take food/cake/narcotics/wine (whatever comforts you or intoxicates you) and be Merry! Make light conversation and just Be Lekker….
Don’t Be Kak!


Author: Sumayya

I have Super Powers! Don't tell everyone ssshhhhhtttt Writer, Producer, Filmmaker, Photographer

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