Get Out Alive

8 October 2015

Day 8

I approached Chemo methodically. I researched and questioned and meticulously organized information until I created an action plan. In hindsight, Dr Google was NOT helpful in this regard – it makes you completely paranoid and creates a rather gloomy “worst case scenario” state of mind.

I much preferred to speak to people who had chemotherapy and was specifically treated for breast cancer although I still did not feel satisfied with what they told me… I understand that people do not want to scare you, but my reasoning was that I was already scared you might as well scare me some more… Right?

Lemme tell you about FEC…
And here’s when it gets rough…

FEC – 5 Fluorouracil, Epirubicin, and Cyclophosphamide aka RED DEVIL and believe me it deserves that name! A combination chemotherapy infusion (meaning it gets injected into a vein) that is used for most cancers. FEC is Highly Toxic and Will make you feel Sick! You will lose your hair by day 14 post treatment and you will be infertile whilst this drug is in your body!

Its super scary and it CAN take you Out!

The possible side effects are (besides nausea and vomiting): bleeding (nose, mouth, etc), anemia, low red blood cell count, flu like symptoms, exhaustion, diarrhoea, sore mouth/sore everything (even your eyes), sensitive skin, hair loss, loss of appetite, etc….


Now knowing ALL this, My action plan went like this:
• Get to Chemo Unit – Be Friendly with everyone AND SMILE!
• Don’t look when they do the blood tests – Tell the Nurses you are Scared as Hell and Hold still!
• Have a coffee and cigarette before they hook you up to the Chemo Line – and go to the toilet to settle your nervous stomach!
• Find a seat with a view and lots of reading material – Start making Duah (Praying) that everything goes well and recite everything you know!
• Find someone to talk to – Very important so they can keep an eye on You!
• Drink at least 1 litre of Water while infusion is running – Pee as much as you Can to get the excess chemo out of your body! This was VERY VERY important – FLUSH THAT SHITE out of your system as soon as you can!
• DO NOT move your hand – FEC is Highly Toxic and can Burn and severely damage the surrounding tissue!
• Get Out ALIVE – get the Hell out of the hospital as Soon as You Can and go Home!!!



Author: Sumayya

I have Super Powers! Don't tell everyone ssshhhhhtttt Writer, Producer, Filmmaker, Photographer

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