There Will be Change

12 October 2015

Day 12

As quickly as cancer can kill you, so it can vaporize your marriage!
Suddenly your better half realizes that you are not living up to his idea of what he had planned for himself. Yes men are ASSHOLES! Many marriages fail during this really KAK time in your life!
Can you believe it?

Husbands do not want to have to deal with a POTENTIALLY dying partner (HOW selfish and arrogant) because the emotional torment is too much to bear! SHAME! THEY will rather replace you and move onto greener pastures… It is apparently very easy to replace an older model because in this hellbound society everything is replaceable…


My advice? Get YOUR SHIT TOGETHER and decide whether you want a Helpful Happy Asshole or if want an EX ASSHOLE!
Ladies the choice is yours!

You have to take control and be in charge of your life! You are NOT YET DEAD!

Be as aggressive as you like and torment him till he decides he cannot live without you and that he may actually die before you! LOL!

My point is that cancer really affects a marriage or any close relationships you are involved in. You see, once you start this journey, you become a ‘patient’, THERE IS A CHANGE and other people cannot deal with or accept this easily! Nobody likes change, but as the ‘patient’ you do not have a choice…

You no longer look or feel the same… you become something other than what you were… Sadly… But Hey, sometimes change is for the better, change is good, change is healthy! Embrace it!


Author: Sumayya

I have Super Powers! Don't tell everyone ssshhhhhtttt Writer, Producer, Filmmaker, Photographer

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