This Is Kak

13 October 2015

Day 13
I managed to get through my first two FEC chemos relatively easily considering the side effects. But the last treatment made me understand the severity of being ill. I literally stumbled into bed when I got home and stayed in bed for 4 days.
THIS was new to me!

I only got up to eat (WHATEVER I COULD FIND), use the toilet and to surprise my family with some or other snide remark as they were hiding out in the lounge. I was in my Chops! My husband would come to check if I was still breathing…. Every couple of hours!

A good friend (who was also having chemo at the time) came to visit and said: “Yah I told you this was KAK! Fight it! Get up! Lets’ go to Gym!” And I couldn’t even lift my head to respond…

My chemo unit was filled with men, women and children. The people who always looked like they were dying from chemo were the men! Really! I was baffled – we were all getting the SAME chemo why were their bodies reacting so badly? I could never understand this… Right till that moment FEC KICKED MY ASS!

At this point I couldn’t taste anything… I was drinking 2 litres of
lemon water a day and trying really hard to eat healthily, which becomes SUPER challenging because everything tastes like NOTHING! Desperately hungry I would bake me a chocolate cake and then happily EAT IT! Yes the WHOLE Cake! And if ANYONE tried to get some they understood it was like a DeathWish!

I quickly learned to listen to my body – I ate what I ‘Lissed’ for, relaxed when I was tired, smoked when I wanted to and gave up on trying to exercise because I couldn’t breathe! I also couldn’t sleep at night or remember anything of the day before… Yes Chemo Brain is NOT A MYTH!


Author: Sumayya

I have Super Powers! Don't tell everyone ssshhhhhtttt Writer, Producer, Filmmaker, Photographer

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