Taxol Monster

16 October 2015

Day 16

It turned out that I was highly allergic to Taxol. I itched everywhere. I had hives EVERYWHERE – even in my head, my eyeballs looked like golf balls and my earlobes doubled in size… Like Will Smith in the movie ‘Hitch’ LOL!

Truth is… Humans are highly allergic to Taxol aka Paclitaxel which is made from the Yew Tree. So they prepare your chemotherapy by first administering some Phenergan to prevent any mishaps… and I am sure they add some Steroids because this chemo makes you HUNGRY!

To prevent the Taxol from causing me to go into anaphylactic shock, they doubled the dose of Phenergan for my treatments and I would literally pass out during the chemo session … But the minute I got home I ate ravenously and felt relatively ‘normal’. Apart from the hectic mood swings and MONSTER moments I was ‘fine’.

My menstrual cycle had ceased as I was told it would and I was ordered to NOT GET PREGNANT! I also started looking rather Round… My face was swollen along with my arms, hands and feet. My eczema flared up and I developed a sun sensitivity. The physical effects of Taxol were manageable, and at least I was able to sleep because of a daily dose of antihistamines.

What really freaked me out was how I had stopped dreaming… I would wake feeling confused – like I had woken from a coma… and not remember anything from the day before or the night before… My husband was beginning to notice because we would have the same conversations…. REPEATEDLY!

Chemo made me an uninteresting person. I was able to read and reread books and then not remember reading it, same thing for movies and TV series. I became a cheap date because I was still really fussy about what I ate – mostly junk food and cake and I hated Malls or being out late! I stuck to ‘safe’ routines that were reliable and veered towards being anti-social!

I could not remedy the memory loss (or the aversion to people) and started to write things down and paste post-it notes on things I needed to remember! But I did NOT doubt my treatment, I did NOT think it was NOT WORKING and so I carried on day-by-day, one foot in front of the other!


Author: Sumayya

I have Super Powers! Don't tell everyone ssshhhhhtttt Writer, Producer, Filmmaker, Photographer

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