Batty Bitch

19 October 2015

Day 19

I was made aware of Breast Cancer early on as a consequence of the bombardment of marketing and advertising campaigns. I never thought I would be the statistic that they mention so casually, but really believed that these causes publicize the message well, that is until I became the statistic… I no longer believe the propaganda campaigns because all that fundraising does not equate to lives being saved…

Have you ever stopped and thought about it? Where the FUCK does ALL THAT MONEY GO? Why is the slogan STILL: “EARLY DETECTION SAVES LIVES”? I’ll tell you why, because Cancer is a MONEYMAKING MACHINE! Really!

The significance to me has become meaningless as this disease is on the rise and I think the stats are incorrect. I don’t believe that “EARLY DETECTION SAVES LIVES”… I believe that diet and lifestyle choices Saves Lives… So why has the slogan not changed to DON’T GET CANCER AND SAVE YOUR OWN LIVES?

I know I sound like a real Batty Bitch but I will divulge my trepidation…

I was lucky enough to be treated as a Private patient in a Private Hospital for my illness. I was treated very well and made as comfortable as possible due to the fact that I had Medical Aid. I became aware of the sheer difference between the treatment of a PRIVATE patient and the treatment of a NON-PRIVATE patient without Medical Aid, once people started asking me for advice etc… And it all comes down to MONEY!

SADLY the difference in Cancer Care is FUCKEN HUGE!

The cost of my treatments were in the region of R500 000. Isn’t that ridiculous? How the FUCK do people with a similar type of cancer access this amount of money to survive without Medical Aid? They DON’T! They get sent home to DIE!

So Dear Charities… Raise funds to pay towards life saving chemotherapy treatments (like Herceptin which costs about R30 – R40 000 per shot) and NOT FOR FUCKING FREE MAMMOGRAMS!


Author: Sumayya

I have Super Powers! Don't tell everyone ssshhhhhtttt Writer, Producer, Filmmaker, Photographer

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