My Left Boob

25 October 2015

Day 25

I was convinced that I had staples across my chest and neck. The pain did not make sense and the pain killers were not helping. I had drains coming out from my left armpit that was excruciatingly uncomfortable and made me feel faint (it was Super Gross).

On a side note: I chose not to have reconstructive surgery despite the constant reassurance from my surgeon. I was advised that it would definitely help with my psychological wellbeing and healing and the fact that I was still young made it not negotiable. WHHHAAAATTTT?

A mastectomy is not an easy procedure. I had a radical unilateral mastectomy which involved the removal of all my lymph nodes and breast tissue. I was advised that I needed to have immediate reconstruction. I went to discuss the options with yet another medical professional who presented me with various options that would suit my needs. I basically had to choose between a silicone implant or a boob made from my own abdominal FAT!

I was revolted by the idea of plastic surgery as I did not want the constant doctors visits to pump up a piece of plastic in my chest (an expander to stretch the skin) and then have to endure another surgical procedure to insert a new silicone implant! NO WAYS!

The option using my own tissue seemed appealing until they told me the op would take approximately 8 hours and would require an ICU stay for 2 days. Also the incision to harvest my belly fat and muscle would run across my lower abdomen! So…. NOT!

I kept thinking about how I did not want to die with a piece of plastic in my chest… I already had enough toxins in my body as it is… I had a gut feel that reconstruction was not suited for me. I kept looking back at all I had conquered through my journey and thought that I would not let something as mundane as having one boob perturb me! I do not regret my decision and still feel very comfortable with my choice.


Author: Sumayya

I have Super Powers! Don't tell everyone ssshhhhhtttt Writer, Producer, Filmmaker, Photographer

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