Twenty And One

26 October 2015

Day 26

Twenty… One…
Twenty and One… Days

The most significant number of days in my journey. This became the sum of my resilience. I had reached my limit and my capacity was diminishing to quiet defeat. The irony of this number both amused and annoyed me – twenty one day chemo cycles and twenty one day post mastectomy drainage! Yes, I had my drains in for 21 Unbelievable DAYS… It was NO Focken FUN! I had my dressings changed weekly and much to my relief I was healing well and the intensity of the pain subsided, but my lymph drainage was severe…

This was the last big hump in my saga as I needed to hear from the Physican what the outcome of the grueling chemo regime had been and if they got clean margins from my surgical procedure. Clean margins means that they managed to contain the cancer within the area they removed (basically) – in other words there are no cancer cells present where they made an incision.

The Physician marched in, quite stern and announced: “Well done Sumayya! You are ENN EEE DEE!” Shocked I gasped – “What’s that? Is it good or bad?” He laughed while shaking my husbands’ hand explaining that there was NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE! All cheeky I retorted: “Am I in remission or not?” “No!” he said, “You are BETTER than in remission you are clear of cancer!”
And I bawled my guts and heart out…. SNOT EN TRANE I tell you!

My tumours were gone, not one cancer cell remained in my breast tissue and the lymph nodes that survived chemo, all tested negative and were not involved. Unfortunately I still HAD TO finish my Herceptin for another 8 months (21 day cycles) and needed to start hormone treatment with Tamoxifen… Wait for it… in Twenty One Days…

Twenty One Days…

My Curse,
My Blessing,
My Redeemer,
My Sanctity…


Author: Sumayya

I have Super Powers! Don't tell everyone ssshhhhhtttt Writer, Producer, Filmmaker, Photographer

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