Dear Cancer

27 October 2015

Day 27

Dear Cancer,


You have invaded every infinite detail of my Fucking Life!
I hate that I cannot stop thinking about you. Every minute of the day you cross my mind a million times. I think about you when I wake up, when I eat, when I sleep, when I breathe, when I shower even when I go to the Damn Toilet! You own me… I am Your Cancer Bitch!

You have invaded spaces in my Being so deeply that I am trying really hard to escape Your Cancer Thought Prison Hell! I think about how ridiculous it is that I even have Cancer. I think about other people with Cancer. I think about if anyone in my family will get cancer. I think about the scary possibility that my cancer will come back…

I think about one of my best friends who nearly bled to death from a nosebleed caused by her chemo and I want to tell you that you are the biggest Loser Coward P&%$ and if you were a person… I would run you over with a FUCKEN TRACTOR SHREDDER! And I will feel no remorse…

Dear Cancer,

You have humbled me… You have brought me to my knees. You have made me stand at the edge of my abyss and you have made me jump! You have made me want to make love under the stars and moonlight in a magical forest… You have made me want to dive to the depths of the ocean to marvel at all the mystery and wonder beneath. You have made me push the limits of my Mind and Body and Soul.

You have emancipated me from the absurdity of this plane of existence and made me look forward to the great beyond. You have shown me that it is okay to experience all your emotions and to free yourself from the opinions of others. You have given me nightmares but you have also given me the most beautiful dreams…

You have made me Fiery and Feisty and Fucking Fearless!

You have made me understand the tryst between Hate and Love… And it was Nice to have walked Beside You…


Author: Sumayya

I have Super Powers! Don't tell everyone ssshhhhhtttt Writer, Producer, Filmmaker, Photographer

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