I am Fine

31 October 2015

Day 31

Shoooo I made it to my last FB post… not that I have run out of things to tell you, rather that I prefer to return to the normality where “I am Fine” is enough! I left the usual questions I am asked about Breast Cancer treatment for last…

I normally get asked about diet changes.
Yes, I have made diet changes. I watch how much red meat and processed food I eat and restrict my bread consumption. I eat a lot of broccoli and cauliflower. I drink at least 2 litres of water a day. I stopped drinking coffee and hardly drink juices or fizzy drinks. I eat lots of spinach, eggs, fresh fruit and organic free range chicken and fish. My diet is colourful and I enjoy Mediterranean food. I did not cut out sugar because I LOVE CAKE and I am just generally Greedy! I tried juicing but was not very good at it because it upset my stomach…

Do I take supplements?
Through chemo? Absolutely Not! No point in trying to build up your body while chemo is breaking it down! You have to submit to the treatments and when you are done, you can take as many supplements as you like! I take a multivitamin, protein supplements, Vitamin C and Vitamin B. I get enough Vitamin D as I spend a lot of time outdoors. I also supplement with Black Seed Oil.

I No Longer Smoke!
On the day of my last Herceptin treatment I had my last cigarette. I quit Cold Turkey! I had never attempted to quit before that. I will NEVER SMOKE AGAIN! And don’t even tell me its HARD to Stop… JUST STOP! IT GIVES YOU FUCKEN CANCER!

Weight gain on Tamoxifen?
Is Real and NOT IMAGINARY! Very Very True! You will gain weight through your treatments and by the time you reach Tamoxifen you will be FAT. TamoxiHELL makes it hard for you to lose weight, somehow your body becomes a fat storing magnet! And no amount of starvation, exercise or other quick fix weight loss regime is going to help. I have not met anyone who has been able to shed the weight on this medication…

Do you exercise?
I exercise regularly. It is VERY (KUK) DIFFICULT! It has NOT gotten easier for me… I love running and have been able to On/Off run for the last year. Exercise has helped me cope with the changes in my body and lessened my TamoxiHELL Joint, Legs, Abdominal and Back pain. I have slowly come to terms with the fact that my lungs, heart and left foot are under achievers… and it’s okay, at least I can still run or hobble… Kind of!

Anti Depressants?
I have managed to not take any anti-depressants despite the many times that they were prescribed. I am one of those difficult people who prefer to just face the Shit and Get On With It – I am as Hard Headed and Stubborn as a Mule! There are other ways of dealing with your sadness and depression – help is not going to come in a bottle – it will just mask your symptoms – You have to Fix/Cure It yourself! And remember NO ONE HAS EVER DIED FROM AN ANXIETY ATTACK! However, if you are mentally ill or suicidal please seek assistance…

I have been asked to not stop writing, so I won’t! I will, however, be moving my posts to a Blog! Keep your eyes and ears peeled and don’t hesitate to contact me if in the event you want to Chat or Swear or Cry! Thank you for all your words of Encouragement, Kind Thoughts and Prayers! I really appreciate it!
It’s Been Real!


Author: Sumayya

I have Super Powers! Don't tell everyone ssshhhhhtttt Writer, Producer, Filmmaker, Photographer

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