7 Days of Being Grateful

Here’s a #throwbackthursday post!

In 2014 (I think) a good friend nominated me to do a ‘7 Days of Being Grateful” challenge. I thought I would share them with you!

Day 1 of 7 

Daily Mantra: Today I am grateful for being alive – Shukr the Almighty!
1. That I have eyes that enable me to see beauty in every living thing
2. That I am able to witness joy, happiness, sadness and a full spectrum of emotions
3.That I am encouraged to look beyond the mundane and see magic and meaning in all things
Day 2 of 7

Daily Mantra: Today I am grateful for being alive – Shukr the Almighty!
1. I am grateful for cancer. Really. It has tested me in ways unimaginable. It has also made me realise how brave, strong and resilient I am. I am not a Survivor… I am a effen WARRIOR man!
2. I am grateful for hair. Yep… Had no hair for a year and it felt sooooo crap. Head, face, legs, arms, pits, pubes you name it… Any hair is a good thing. You feel quite lost without it! True!
3. I am grateful for insanity. Its genetic apparently. I come from a long line of lunatics. I am happy that I fit in quite fine! Insanity has embraced me and made my life really really interesting… my husband, kids and family can all attest to this!

Day 3 of 7 

Daily Mantra: Today I am grateful for being alive – Shukr the Almighty!
1. I am grateful for hot flushes. They make me understand that not everything is within my control. They kept me HOT through winter… and allow me alot of naked time at any given opportunity. BEWARE!
2. I am grateful for prosthetics. It balances my bra and chest so that I dont look lopsided. Also they are multipurpose… and can be used as a pinholder, ball, fly swat etc… mines’ very handy indeed it has even been used as a weapon LOL!
3. I am grateful for the knop on my head. I often misjudge the proximity of my head within the radius of objects that jump out at me… this knop has been a strong reminder that my head is big and that I need to wear my SPECS! THANK YOU!

Day 4 of 7

Daily Mantra: Today I am grateful for being alive – Shukr the Almighty!
1. I am grateful for not playing nice. I have no problems telling someone exactly what it is that I think of them. Now don’t get me wrong, I am nice sometimes but my tolerance of BS is minute!
2. I am grateful for accepting that I am a weirdo… Really. And a geek. And possibly a mad scientist. I have taken things apart and put them back together, I believe Photoshop and After Effects can Save the World… go figure!
3. I am grateful for my imagined sense of privacy. Apparently this comes as part of the package called becoming a parent. Nobody ever told me that I would NEVER be left alone or in peace to have a bath/shower/sleep/shit… NEVER! My life has transformed into a reality show with my kids as the audience and me as the star of the show!

Day 5 of 7 

Daily Mantra: Today I am grateful for being alive – Shukr the Almighty!
1. I am truly grateful for getting over myself. For not taking everything personally and for forgiving myself my faults and weaknesses. NOBODY is perfect. Perfection is a subliminal fantasy programmed into our psyche by the Illuminati LOL!
2. I am grateful for dressing down. I don’t have a problem with fashion, I love Fashion, I just don’t think that it should shape and control our world. As a woman I can honestly say that we place far too much importance on objectifying ourselves. Seriously… fashion DOES NOT MAKE YOU A BETTER PERSON! Rather invest in your Soul than that Zara/Diesel/TopShop dress… A beautiful heart looks good in anything!
3. I am a proud grateful FEMINIST! Like Betty White says: “Why say ‘Grow Some Balls’ Balls are weak and sensitive. If you wanna be tough grow a VAGINA! Those things can take a pounding!” Booyah!!!

Day 6 of 7 

Daily Mantra: Today I am grateful for being alive – Shukr the Almighty!
1. I am grateful for lightbulb realisations – that the world is a treacherous place, true love is a fantasy (there is no Prince Charming coming to save you), not all people are nice or good and that evil exists…
2. I am grateful for intimacy. If you are married… have sex! Lot’s of it. If u don’t like it… learn to like it. Make it work for you. Like homework. Your husband will appreciate it! He didn’t marry you to hold your hand! Lol!
3. I am grateful for short term memory loss… Like this… Me: Aaaahhh you’re late because you went for a haircut! My Dear Husband: Eeerrrmmmm no… traffic! Me: Oh but I like your haircut! My Dear Husband: Mayya I CUT MY HAIR LAST WEEK! MOVE ALONG PLEASE… Shakes his head and rolls his eyes and stomps away from me… Sighs… Aaai jirrre!!!

Day 7 of 7 

Daily Mantra: Today I am grateful for being alive – Shukr the Almighty!
1. I am grateful for my family (the whole happy miserable lot). I am grateful for my kids who drive me cuckoos but who keep me grounded. For my husband who says things like this: Maybe Pepper is a Bad Ass Prison Bitch!” after I tell him that our two FEMALE Rabbits keep trying to mate! Bwahahahahahaaaaa!!!
2. I am grateful for ‘Find a hill… walk up the Hill ten times!” my oncologist (after I complained about my weight gain on chemo). To me it translated to: you are strong, you are in control of this, you can do this, you are NOT a VICTIM! So if ever you feel like a challenge go walk up a hill! Apply to as many things in your life as possible – your legs and glutes will love you for it!
3. I am grateful for not believing that my illness came from the Almighty. I know… I said it… this is my list *wink*wink*… Rather I believe that my circumstances led me to Closeness and Acceptance. PS: Do Not Ever say this to someone with Cancer. Really – it really pisses them off. You get cancer because of toxins in your body caused by the environment, the food you eat, negative emotions and bad bad bad lifestyle choices. This statement “illness is from Allah” couldn’t be more wrong, you are ill because of YOU! You made you sick – No one else. Dont rationalise your situation by saying it’s from the Almighty…. Its like saying I am an A**HOLE/MURDERER/RAPIST etc… and its okay it’s from Allah! Ggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

And lastly I must thank everyone who have read my Grateful Lists! And Laughed! ‘Cos it’s all about the smiles and little bits of joy that makes a difference in the end! I enjoyed sharing my headspace with you!

I may just carry on doing this weekly Lol!


Author: Sumayya

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