Goodbye Laurene Le Grange, Till We Meet Again

I have been quietly mourning the loss of my dear dear friend Laurene Le Grange. At first her passing absolutely floored me (for obvious reasons) but then I realised that she is in a better place. A place that she had longed to know of her whole life… You see, she was a Seeker, of all things Magical and Mystical and Spiritual and Supernatural!

We first met at my third chemo session (and her first infusion) three years ago, where I had been saving a seat for her by request of a mutual acquaintance who had finished her chemo a few weeks before. Where I was often hysterical and over energetic, Laurene was quiet, calm and generous. She had such a deep understanding and acceptance of our journey that impacted me deeply. We spoke and spoke and spoke and spoke that in no time we would finish our treatments without even noticing the passing of time. We spoke about our children, our husbands, our lives, our achievements, our failures, our Spirituality and Beliefs and of course Cancer.

I suffer from resting-bitch face and I am not very friendly and in the worst situations I am even more abrasive, but Laurene ensured that I had made friends with everyone who was in the chemo room with us. She was one of those people who had the capacity to befriend anyone. That was something new to me as I had always been rather anti-social. To be honest, I did not really want to make friends with anyone at the hospital for fear of them dying and then for fear of having to deal with the heartache and loss and grief… But Laurene was my Beacon of Shining Light that taught me to be less afraid and more trusting of others.

So we made friends (lots of them), we shared our stories, we cheered each other on and we actively participated in each other’s lives.  And so she crept into my heart and became MY PERSON! My person that I would confess my deepest fears to, the person I would tell all my ugly little secrets to and not feel judged or condemned. She was there for me as I was there for her through this arduous three year journey.

When I think back of all the troubles we faced and conquered, it was so easy to get depressed or to succumb to sadness and misery… But Laurene ensured that I did not… She forcibly made me think of the Blessing of Love and the Gift of Life and Meaningful Living!

I never spoke to her last week. I am sure she had many things to do to prepare for her Transformation…  I attended her beautiful Memorial Service on Saturday that was as Magical as she was! And although I was shattered, I felt her Peace emanating from All gathered there.

Laurene believed that everything had Purpose and that everything happened for a Reason – Universal Truth.  Never has this belief been more true in my life, as she had been my Guide, my Sister, my Friend… She taught me about Unconditional Love and overcoming Life’s challenges.

But mostly she taught me how to not be afraid of Death…

So my Dear Laurene, Fly, Soar and be Free of this Earthly Realm and Conquer in the Next. Until we meet again… Rest In Peace…

PS: I  Fucking Love You!


Author: Sumayya

I have Super Powers! Don't tell everyone ssshhhhhtttt Writer, Producer, Filmmaker, Photographer

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