When it can All Go To Hell!

Today was NOT a good day!

I should have known because the Universe warned me…  I somehow did not notice the flashing danger signs or the alarm bells going off…

It all started this morning when I came from my run… only to realize that I had worn my tights back to front and that my t-shirt was inside-out! WTF! Who does that???

My dog was awake all night retching and coughing. He started vomiting and being lethargic this morning.  We eventually took him to the Vet only to be told that he has a heart condition and needs heart meds for the rest of his life… OMG!

Our Multichoice subscription was suspended because they are claiming that they cannot locate a payment that was made in November last year. Guess what it’s 2016 and I sent them proof of payment in November, December and AGAIN TWICE in January! Dumb Twats! I give up…

I banged my elbow on the shower handle so hard that the electric shockwaves made me dizzy and then got a muscle spasm in my foot! I couldn’t decide which appendage to hold onto whilst breathing through the torment! Seriously!!!

Then to top it all off Discovery decides to slap me with an Exclusion penalty for 1 entire year because I had breast cancer in 2012… that they didn’t even pay for because I was with another Medical Aid! I had negotiated with them for a month before and basically sold them my Soul to just get back onto Medical Aid only to get SUCKERPUNCHED and BITCHSLAPPED with this moronic clause… I am asking for a Hospital Plan and NOT Life Insurance for fucksakes!

Are You Fucking Kidding Me?
I must pay you for a year for nothing?
What kind of stupid asshole do you think I am???


In other words if I get run over by a truck or fall from a building or get thrown from a train or plane please deliver whats left of me to a Mediclinic and not a Public Hospital! That is the kind of cover I want from your full of shit Medical Aid!

Queue Lily Allen Song:

‘Fuck you…
Fuck you very, very much
Cos I hate what you do
And I hate your whole crew
So please don’t stay in touch…’



Author: Sumayya

I have Super Powers! Don't tell everyone ssshhhhhtttt Writer, Producer, Filmmaker, Photographer

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