PMS Crage and TamoxiHell

I was promised many ‘awesome’ things when I started taking Tamoxifen like menopausal symptoms… But nobody told me that I would still be getting PMS AND PERIODS PLUS MENOPAUSAL symptoms… How does that even work?

I have the most horrific PMS ever since Tamoxifen and my Period is like a years worth of blood bath… Gross!

First signs are observed by this terrible rash on my legs and lower back.
The dangerous signs appear about 24 hours later fuelled by the mother of all migraines.

The mood swings are completely disarming, I don’t know what happens, but I literally feel like I am falling  and the change from happy-ish to miserable-as-hell gives me whiplash! The crazy chainsaw/axe murderer in me surfaces with a vengeance just like Freddy Kruger…

I used to think that only my husband brought this out in me, but nowadays its just about everyone and everything LOL!

Maybe this month it’s the weather?

So let me just apologise for my behaviour…

Dear Husband
I am Sorry that your breathing annoys me. I know that you have to do it…

Dear Children
I am sorry that I yelled at you for asking me a trillion unrelated questions whenever you see me writing or reading or trying to concentrate on anything other than you! I get that I am supposed to be interested… even when I don’t care!

Dear Lady in the Park
Please… Do NOT mistake me for the Park Cleaner next time! I am also trying to enjoy the public space we sharing, however, if you want litter picked up DO IT YOUR FUCKEN SELF and don’t ask me all condescendingly as if it was my dirt! Wait a minute… No I am not Sorry for this! FUCK YOU!

Dear Man on the Street
You dumb idiot! Please feel very lucky that I didn’t turn around and kick you in the nuts for wolf whistling at me! Just die! I wear running clothes because I run… not to impress dumbass men in the street!

Dear Sea Point Pavillion Patron
In South Africa we have an abundance of sunshine. Do NOT ever ask anyone to move out of YOUR sunshine unless it’s coming out of your bum! I will not apologise for my husband calling you a ‘Bitch’ and telling you to sit somewhere else… I will however say sorry because you chose the wrong family to Fuck with…

Dear Everyone
I am currently a hormonal prisoner of Mordor filled with frustration and anger! Please proceed to LEAVE ME ALONE!


Author: Sumayya

I have Super Powers! Don't tell everyone ssshhhhhtttt Writer, Producer, Filmmaker, Photographer

2 thoughts on “PMS Crage and TamoxiHell”

  1. Omg…I’m going thru the same crage…what to do…it out of control
    headace unbearable…malikahs proactiveness irritating me to the max…I thru her out..because I was affraid of killing her…p.m.s. is the worse I feel to lock myself to a prison cell afraid of what I might turn into.!…lol…it’s really not funny…what’s the next step…


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