Goodbye Terry Pokpok

My Dog died on Friday morning… It was awful… It was heartbreaking… It was enlightening…

I said goodbye as he drew his last breaths and I was filled with so much dread as I would have to watch my family grieve his passing… I could deal with my grief as best as I could… But having to watch my kids and husband grieving was absolute torture…

The thing about death is this…. Its forever… It’s final…

My 9 year old was completely heartbroken and her despair and anguish shattered me as she cried her broken heart out… My five year old is still looking for the dog… and calls him every time she goes into the yard…

My husband’s grief is quiet and angry. He doesn’t say much or do much. He just climbs into a bubble and let’s no one in. And of course I am relentless in telling him to deal with his emotions in a healthy way…

My grieving heart is broken surely, but I learnt so much from Terry’s passing that I am grateful for. I am at peace because I spent the most amazing 9 years of his life with him. He taught my kids patience and kindness. He showed us all unconditional love – like only a dog could! He has impacted all of our lives so beautifully that we will always want the love of a dog!

RIP Pokpok till we meet again!


Author: Sumayya

I have Super Powers! Don't tell everyone ssshhhhhtttt Writer, Producer, Filmmaker, Photographer

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