World Cancer Day Mantra

It’s World Cancer Day… Yippee??? Mixed emotions like a mutli-coloured rainbow bellbottom flash suit…. It’s confusing isn’t it? In all honesty I don’t know how I feel about it…

My family and I are participating in the Lace Up for Cancer Walk this evening. The kids are very excited because they get to dress up and I am rather pensive. Maybe I am just moody and miserable because now I have to shave my legs…

But I really need to ask: Why are we celebrating this day? Shouldn’t it be more like a day of remembrance and mourning? A day where we look at all the lives lost and then ask why? A day where we look at the bravery and courage of so many cancer patients and try to fathom what they are going through…

When I was going through treatment I avoided the celebration of Cancer… I loathed seeing people doing any kind of Charity Event to raise funds for Cancer Awareness. I felt terrible and was physically incapable of exerting myself and I avoided large crowds therefore Charity Events made me want to throw up! Seriously! The reality of having Cancer is HUGELY TRAUMATIC and having to live through it is SHITTY AND HARD!

For me, it’s a Sad Day… because people are dressing up and doing walks and celebrating while thousands of people are still dying from this dreaded disease. Why has modern medicine failed us? Why has science not found a cure? Why don’t they just admit that chemotherapy is a lab experiment that does NOT work?

Being the Perpetual Activist I could rant on forever about this… and it gets kind of boring and uninteresting, so I won’t!

Rather I am going to make today about my kids and family! I am going to choose Happy Thoughts and Positive Vibes because I believe the best way for me to make a difference on World Cancer Day is to Face Up and Shut The Hell Up! I am going to have to do some serious Adulting and Make Up, Show Up, Dress Up, Lace Up and NOT Trip the fuck up! So I will be on my best behavior…  Promise!


Author: Sumayya

I have Super Powers! Don't tell everyone ssshhhhhtttt Writer, Producer, Filmmaker, Photographer

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