Life’s Daily Challenges

Today I had one of those introspective miserable days. I must admit it started with a long list of good intentions… and then just spiraled into an abyss of confusion and fragments of memories that have become ‘virmuff’ and stinky in the corridors of my ever tumultuous mind…

I tried to sit down and get cracking at 8am but unfortunately Life had other plans, so instead I did 3 loads of washing… I didn’t quite get round to doing any research for a new project because I tried to remember where I wrote  the crucial turning-point in the story…And I Still have not found it! I tried calling a government department 15 times today and STILL no one has returned my calls or answered any of my queries on email…

I reached out to someone in the same industry and although she is really friendly to my face, she turned rather hostile when I asked her about her business dealings. Now this made me realize that I really have a problem… I tend to think that people will just tell me the honest truth when I ask them. But in reality people suck ass – they don’t want to share information, they don’t want to invest in others and they obviously prefer seeing others fail… Why? Because only their lives matter to themselves and the thought of someone else’s success kills their self esteem… How sad…

So now I am sitting with this dilemma where I feel like I really dislike humanity today…

And before I knew it I had to switch to Mommy-mode without resolving any of my Smeagol emotions…

Not a good thing….

I turned into a blustering Gollum when I got a letter from the school about the Intergrated School Health program that requires my consent for the Health Dept to immunize my kids for anything and everything including HPV! Shall I even go there?

HPV is a Sexually Transmitted Disease – an S T D! Why the FUCK are we immunizing our kids against a STD? Because they are having SEX by 12 apparently! Whoop dee doo dah! Where the fuck are the parents of these kids whilst they are getting it on? Why the fuck are they not under adult supervision? Why are they not taught abstinence? In my opinion if you are having sex at 12… I hope you focken catch SOMETHING – BECAUSE YOUR VAGINA IS TOO YOUNG TO EVEN BE WORKING!!!

I have two daughters and I will NOT be immunizing them with Gardasil. End of Story!

And today’s lesson learnt?

That today is over and tomorrow will be a better day! Life is Beautiful like that!



Author: Sumayya

I have Super Powers! Don't tell everyone ssshhhhhtttt Writer, Producer, Filmmaker, Photographer

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