Why I Run…

Heart pounding lungs heaving blood pumping… how much more alive could you feel? Adrenaline rushing through my body and all my senses heightened. Sweat releasing toxins from my skin and lymph drainage at it’s best! A little bit of pain here and there to remind me that I am not Super Human (not yet at least –  it’s a work in progress LOL) accompanied by a deep rooted satisfaction I have not experienced from anything else …

I LOVE running. It makes me feel ALIVE. I feel the Universe and I are One.

When I run I am able to quiet my mind which is such a blessing because I have a riotous, obscenely, torturously busy head! I am incapable of keeping track of all the things that I THINK ABOUT! I used to get really worried about how my mind can really run away like wildfire and I lose the ability to focus – pretty much like a hyper kid on a sugar rush! But when I run, I am able to control my thoughts and confront my problems with a healthy dose of ‘You Can’t Fuck with Me ‘cos I Got This’!

And Yes – I do believe that EVERYONE CAN AND MUST RUN!


Author: Sumayya

I have Super Powers! Don't tell everyone ssshhhhhtttt Writer, Producer, Filmmaker, Photographer

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