Powered Up

I used to think my day was wasted if I had not worked at finishing off my allotted tasks for that particular day. I used to get angry and berate myself for not doing what I had planned to do. I used to feel that productivity was what made my day worth it. I used to feel that the only way success was worth measuring was through hard work and achievements.

But now I feel that this no longer applies to my way of living. I no longer care much for productivity of this realm. Of course I work and do what I must do to run a business… But I no longer pass judgment on myself or feel guilty about whether I have achieved or put in 100% of my time and effort. I have found that life is bigger than just plodding through a day of work…

This cycle enslaves us. We constantly worry about personal goals and achievements. Some people like to compete and push themselves to achieve more in order to stay ahead in the rat race. Others compare their lives to people they perceive are better than them and this toxic thought pattern drives them to obsess even more about this worldly realm.

Today I thought about what completes my day. What makes me feel that I have achieved everything for this day? What fulfills me and puts my heart at rest so that when I lay my head down to sleep I go with a satisfied heart filled with Gratitude and Peace…


Prayer is My Solace, My Power, My Protection, My Courage and Saviour!

As Muslim’s we are commanded to pray 5 times a day. As a Muslim I Submit and Hear the Call and Answer it! This submission has brought new meaning to my Life. It is the purpose of every living thing to Praise the Almighty. We are given Life for no other reason and for the purpose of Nothing Else other than Prayer!

Once I reached this understanding, my concept of what I achieved for a day has changed. I feel that My time is wasted only if I had not made my Salaah 5 times in a day. If I miss any of them I feel so guilty that I am unable to sleep. When I am unable to perform my obligatory prayers I feel out of synch and unbalanced.

My Salaah has brought me to Guidance and Acceptance and has blessed me with Surrender where I am able to dive deep and plunge into those quiet spaces of stillness and tranquility.

May the Almighty Grant me Understanding In Shaa Allah!


Author: Sumayya

I have Super Powers! Don't tell everyone ssshhhhhtttt Writer, Producer, Filmmaker, Photographer

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