For Lives Lost

For All the Women who have been Raped


For Franziska and Sinoxolo, the Rhodes Monument Rape Survivors, and Anene Booysen and the baby that was raped and didn’t survive, and the two lost girls who got gang raped TWICE, and the FIVE old women who got raped in the cornfield and ALL the countless voiceless faceless OTHERS…

How Sad… Very Sad…

I am distraught and disgusted. I have tried really hard to not give voice to my feelings about the deaths of these innocent young women. But I really can’t NOT SAY ANYTHING… because my Silence and Your Silence is really what perpetuates this kind of horrific acts in the first place. We look away, we hide them and we try to forget them and hope it never happens again… PLEASE STOP THIS COWARDLY BEHAVIOUR! Because Guess what South Africa – IT happens annually, monthly, daily…

I am angry at the MALE  SPECIES of South Africa. I am angry at South African Society as a whole BECAUSE we tolerate this behavior. We have not taken enough measures to prevent this from happening again and again.  We are so completely desensitized by violence against women and Rape that it is almost an accepted part of our reality. We have learnt to accept it and live with it… Almost. Why?

What are the Women of this Land supposed to do? Are we to live in fear and hide our girl children? Are we to cower in submission and accept these atrocities? The scary reality is that many of us are Mothers to Daughters. I shudder to think that I will have to teach my daughters’ about ‘Rape Culture’, about how to behave around men, what not-to wear, how to not be friendly and mostly how to be afraid of Strange Men and Familiar Men! Isn’t that ridiculous? How absurd…

What makes a Man think it’s okay to stick his Penis into a woman/girl/child WHEN he WANTS TO? What has this world come to? Is this the dilemma of Modern Man? Where He literally has to destroy the place he comes from? That’s right you Bastards – you came from a VAGINA!

How the Hell did we get here? Why are women still getting raped and killed and abused by men? Gender based violence still occurs on a regular basis… And don’t even blame poverty… ‘COS JUST STOP MAKING LAME EXCUSES… Just because you are poor and don’t have a job you feel you should Rape and Kill women?

Why are we called Modern Man when we are still capable of such immense destructive, violent and evil behavior… to the extent and excess that we are worse than animals… we are actually DEMONIC… DEVIL SPAWN…  The level of depravity and evil is unimaginable… what horror movies and nightmares are made of…

I am beyond ANGRY – I AM MURDEROUS ACTUALLY!  And I will go to War to Protect my Rights as  A Woman, as A Mother and as A Daughter!

I feel strongly that Men need to understand that they deserve to DIE if they Rape a Woman… That’s All!

Women of South Africa RISE UP!!! Say ENOUGH YOU FUCKING MONSTERS! We Marched for our Rights in 1956… we need to Take Action because We Are the Future of this Land!

Running Goals

I am trying my best to change my body. I want to rebuild it, reform it, nurture it and reshape it. I know that running can and will do this. This is not a pursuit for vanity or to stroke my ego. This is a quest, a mission to get my body healthy with a kick-ass immune system and to keep myself Cancer-Free!

Therefore my goals are different to the average runner. We probably have similar goals but mine varies somewhat – same-same only different! I have no desire to participate in races. I am not mad about running in large groups because I am not competitive. I have no interest in social running either. This is ME TIME DAMMIT!

So my Number One goal is to keep me Healthy – I need to keep my weight down, minimal body fat equals less oestrogen equals less cancer, lean musculature means reduced impact on my bones (which are fragile), healthy heart and lungs (added bonus great legs and booty) and a revitalized Liver (which we can’t live without)… Therefore I am required to exercise daily for at least 30 minutes. I really struggled to do this at first because my body does not like to exercise everyday. It basically goes into shock and screams out ‘Fuck You!’ and decides to get back at me by getting a Cold!

So far so good… Body be kind to me!