The SHIT I Say

This is completely impertinent… And I have hung onto this post since February… I don’t intend to disrespect anyone or to hurt their feelings, but if you know me personally, you would understand my wicked demeanor that comes shrouded with sarcastic humour all neatly wrapped in a little dynamite package! Attitude is my Swagger! LOL!

From time to time, I get informed of people who are going through a Cancer diagnosis, and I react very badly… My skin crawls and I get a deep seated sense of remorse and horror whenever I hear this terrible news…  I either end up sobbing like a broken hearted teenager or just internalize and remain a Pissed Off MOFO for the rest of the day or until the emotions pass… PS: I am trying really hard to work through my exhausting Mood Swings!

A solid dose of anger makes me say shit like: ‘Why the fuck is this happening to so many people???’ much to the horror of the person I say this to, which is often my Mother or my Husband. Eyes down cast and lowered voice normally replies ‘I don’t know Sumayya…’

Because I am that Special Asshole that Wants to Know What the Hell is Going On with Our World! Why are so many people getting sick and dying from Cancer? But today’s post is not about the Ill-Death debacle… let’s leave that for another day…

The reality is that, like most people, I often don’t know what to say when confronted with certain situations or realities that shock me or upset me. I get it all wrong and sound like a complete airhead like this for example:

  1. “My Mother’s got Liver cancer…”
    My response – Holy Shit that’s hectic!
  2. “I think my Cancer has come back…”
    My response – Faaaarrrrrck! No… Ways… Are you serious?
  3. “I have been diagnosed with Lymphoma…”
    My response – Really? Where’s your tumour?
  4. “I have colon cancer…”
    My response – That is just So Kak!
  5. “My cousin has an inoperable brain tumour…”
    My response – Yohhh! That’s fucked up!

I apologise for my insensitivity and sheer lack of filter between what I am thinking and what I verbalise. Besides having a potty mouth I also have a mind that is as filthy as the inside of a toilet bowl! I lose self control and emotions get in the way of tactful things my mind could possibly process for my mouth to say.

Instead, I would honestly prefer to say these things to someone or anyone who is ill:

  1. I am So Sorry…
  2. I wish this reality did not exist…
  3. It’s a really SHIT thing that you are going through…
  4. Cancer is SUPER KAK …
  5. Is there anything I can help you with?
  6. Please remember to LIVE! Everyday! As best as you can…

Now isn’t THAT a whole lot better?


Author: Sumayya

I have Super Powers! Don't tell everyone ssshhhhhtttt Writer, Producer, Filmmaker, Photographer

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