I am expected to run a business, a household and manage family life…

Where the FUCK do I get time to do ALL this? Ontop of that  I am supposed to be grateful for having a Husband… Really???  Whatever…

I am expected to wake up with a smile, make breakfast, pack lunch and dress kids for school. I am expected to run an aftercare service after said kids come from school which includes lunch, homework, Islamic Studies and play time. I am expected to clean up after everyone, make their beds, pack away and tidy up after them. I am expected to vacuum, do the laundry and provide meals whenever someone utters ‘I am Hungry’. I also have to attend to every ‘Mommy I am Finished’ call from said kids with an enthusiasm I used to reserve for hot chocolate!

I work from home, which really translates to I Don’t get Anything Done from Home! I am therefore constantly available for everyone to request things from me (which are completely not work related)… I don’t get the pleasure of alone time. Productivity is a tricky affair that lasts until I get sent to the shops or butcher (at least twice a day) and by the time I return I have forgotten whatever it is I was doing in the first place! I am expected to work under these harsh conditions and yet I am not allowed to get ANGRY because I can’t deal with this CRAP! I juggle meetings around my families’ needs and demands and when I have to be creative I absolutely LOSE MY SHIT because I can’t balance the MOMMY/WIFE responsibilities with the BUSINESS /CREATIVE responsibilities!

I am also expected to manage my moods and care for my health. I am supposed to eat healthily and follow a sensible diet rich in fruit and vegetables. I should limit junk foods and restrict takeaways… I am expected to exercise daily and get completely miff when I get asked about my activities for the day (hence the annoying Runtastic on FaceBook). I am also expected to not dress like a ‘Dronkie’ and brush my hair and teeth daily, maintain a happy, approachable composure and be PRESENT 24/7.

Hence, in MY OPINION, Your expectations of me are unrealistic…

So, Dear Husband, DO NOT WAKE ME UP AT 4am because YOU ARE GOING FOR A RUN!

Only Drug Fuelled Maniacs are awake at that hour anyways… Besides did you know…


I feel unappreciated and a little resentful!  Fuck This Shit!!!

And then I feel guilty AF because as they get into the car my kids yell ‘We Love You Mommy have a nice day!”

And I end up sobbing ‘snot en trane’ as I go for my daily run!!!


Author: Sumayya

I have Super Powers! Don't tell everyone ssshhhhhtttt Writer, Producer, Filmmaker, Photographer

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