Swiftly Moving Along

I have not written in 4 months! Why are you not writing I get asked so often? And I mostly respond that I am busy writing every day. It’s my job. The question that you should be asking is why I have not written on my blog for so long…

Writing is an intimate part of my daily routine and it is part of who I am and what I do. The last four months has been absolutely overwhelming and has forced me to refocus and re-evaluate everything I do. Nothing like the fragility of life to shake you up and make you realise your purpose on this temporal plane…

I have come across many people who have been patiently waiting for my next rendition of insanity. Much of my silence however, has been due to criticism of a negative nature, and it has led me to question my intentions and doubt my integrity.

I have always understood that I am a Creative Soul. It took me years to embrace this and even longer to make peace with the fact that I love being creative and expressing myself. I see no other way of being and living other than dreaming, creating and making. It is a very sensual and honest way of living that cultivates an immense sense of inner peace and self-acceptance. My creativity comes in the form of words and pictures, and like most artists I am petrified of showing my creations to others because I find criticism unbearable.

I often wonder how other artists deal with criticism…I am always open to professional criticism that could help improve my skills. Unfortunately I do not deal well with personal unconstructive or hurtful disapproval. I basically get extremely angry… And just like that my inner calm dissipates and leaves me thirsty for blood. All my calm hippie feelings drain out of my system and is replaced by sheer Voldemort vibes…

It takes me a few minutes to regain my composure and then wonder to myself… Really… But what have you done? Can you even construct a sentence? I have not realised that so many people actually read my blog and then tell my family members how much they dislike it… or how offended they feel by it…

Now don’t get me wrong, I am grown up enough to understand that realistically if I choose to share and show my work, people are allowed to have opinions about it. Sadly, I have made peace with the fact that we are not living in an ideal world where everyone is kind and acceptable of everyone else!

But I will keep on writing despite the ambivalence, dismissive or hateful remarks. Why?


And some wise words from one of my favourite author Elizabeth Gilbert: “Just smile sweetly and suggest – as politely as you possibly can – that they go make their own fucking art. Then stubbornly continue making yours.”

As I do!


Author: Sumayya

I have Super Powers! Don't tell everyone ssshhhhhtttt Writer, Producer, Filmmaker, Photographer

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